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Send, Pay, Receive & Track Payments easily, powering a cashless society in Africa & beyond
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Using Trezry means you treasure your money.

Improving your business, by improving how you pay and receive mobile money.

Business Owner

  1. Download trezry app and register.
  2. Update your personal and business profile, then activate as a business.
  3. Create Minvoice(s), then share with payer(s) via sms, email or social.
  4. You can also login to the web portal as well to have a wider view.

Payer (smartphone)

  1. Download trezry app and register.
  2. Update your personal profile with your photo and details.
  3. Scan QR Minvoices, Profiles etc, search for invoices, and send monies to contacts.
  4. You can also login to the web portal as well to have a wider view.

Payer (dumbphone)

  1. Dial *171* & Invoice No or Profile No
  2. Follow prompt and select amount if asked
  3. Confirm payment with your mobile money code and thats all. No Registration required whatsoever.
  4. Dont worry, register anytime and have all your transactions there.

Trezry allows you to send/receive, pay & track transactions easily

Send & Receive money to Contacts & Business


When we say simple, we mean VERY simple, it cant get simpler transacting with Trezry.


Trezry is built not to be only fast, but extremely fast. No chances are taken when it comes to speed of transactions. If not, whats the point.


Be anywhere, pay and be paid for anything, everywhere; this is our PROMISE. whether with app or not, internet or not, Trezry WORKS.


Proper transaction records is vital for both businesses and individuals. You are not limited to few transactions statements but all.


Besides the 256bit end to end encryption, You can also dispute any payment within 48hrs.


Trezry enables you to pay your bills comfortably in a matter of seconds. No matter the bill, we've got you covered.

24/7 Support

When you are happy, we are happy too. This is why we work continually to make your experience smooth.


We appreciate great technology especially, a payment solution that makes you transact with ease and in style. Onaapo (GA).

Why we are now the Best Payment Platform

for Individuals, Businesses and Financial Stakeholders

Simplest & Fastest

Compared to other payment platforms, ease of use and speed, Trezry surpases any competitor in the industry, you can also track all transactions.

Safe & Efficient

Monies are transacted safely and deposited straight to your respective mobile money accounts instantly for verified businesses, unverified businesses take 48hrs.

Up to Task

We have no reasons to say sorry, we work very hard to improve the lives of every transactor, we are always supportive & constantly innovating.

We are the best payment solution for

events, online-payments, restaurants, schools, hospitals, churches, charities, products, services, e-commerce, barbers etc.



Minvoice/Merchant Paym.


on Money Transfer



Clearance Levels for Merchants



There is 2 hour delay on settlement, this gives room for payers to dispute. NB: Too many disputes within a short period of time will lead to suspension.



There is a 5min delay on settlement, this gives room for payers to dispute. This is also a verified and Trustworthy business.



There are no delays on settlement, nevertheless transactions can be disputed. This is an even more Trustworthy business.



There are no delays on settlement and transactions are not disputable, this is the highest level of clearance. This business is most Trustworthy.

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About Trezry

A new reliable and efficient platform to help businesses create, manage, share & track invoices and transactions, this platform called Trezry offers versatile integration capabilities that businesses can take advantage of, to create excellent business experience across their respective industries they serve. This platform is a game changer in the way businesses will use Mobile Money. Trezry works on multiple ends for both customers and businesses. Trezry comes with solutions that work for dumb phones(using USSD), smart phones(using mobile apps) and Web Portal, so whatever the platform you prefer, Trezry has got a solution for you. Trezry supports all payment journeys, covering both disbursements (Business to Customers – B2C) and service payments (Customer to Business – C2B and Business to Business – B2B). These and other features are available via secure USSD/Mobile App/Web or Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow for third party applications to easily plug into for further use cases.

Trezry has the potential to be very successful mainly because of its simplicity of use and device agnostic nature – works the same way for the latest smartphone as feature-phone that has been passed over several user generations. The API rides on the same concept, providing open interfaces over standard protocols through web services. Developers can now hook directly to the core Trezry and get creative with the systems they run. Let’s look at the payments use cases below:

  1. Automated Invoice Payment Processing: Imagine the different scenarios that require customers to pay for invoices created by businesses/individuals and have this processed instantly!, with Trezry, payments made to invoices are instantenous and can be verified instantly from all platforms on both the sender and the receiver. The use cases for payment processing are as many as your imagination can get – from utility bills to m/ecommerce, and the future is likely to get even more interesting.

  2. Automated Payment Settlements: Many platforms that process transactions will also require settlement processing. This feature is only available via web portal from Trezry to businesses on their preferred receiving means(Mobile Money, Bank Account etc.

  3. Automated Payments Reversal: Even with an elaborate system, there is always a unique case that calls for a reversal. Imagine a situation where a customer has made a payment for services that his/her feels is fraudulent or the merchant is no longer able to render. The best way to handle this would be to have a reversal process that enables a reversal of the monies involved. Trezry has a system for customers to raise a dispute on transactions made within 48hours of transaction, the business in question can also defend/appeal the dispute and throughout this process, Trezry will be responsible for determining the winner of the dispute. if the customer wins, the reversal system will be used to reverse the transaction, otherwise if the business wins or there isnt any dispute raised before the end of 48hours, the business wins the transaction..

Looking at the above use cases, one cannot fail to see the vast opportunity presented by Trezry. The future we once thought very distant of efficient B2B, B2C, C2C is here now. The only limitation to the adaption is your imagination.

We will be organizing workshops to engage our developer community and exchange ideas on the available APIs as well as any gaps we may need to address. We will also be sharing documentation to guide developers manage these integrations seamlessly, delivering on our promise of nurturing innovation through open systems.

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