FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Trezry?

Trezry is a fast, simple, convenient and secure way of transacting as a customer with a business or as a business wanting to receive mobile money from customers.

How does it work?

It works by interfacing with your existing mobile money account via an app/USSD/Web to make transactions easier, faster and trackable.

Where can Trezry be used?

Trezry can be used in endless scenarios, some are but not limited to Event Tickets, General Invoices, Bills, Merchants, Restaurants, Hospitals, Churches, Peer to Peer(mobile money users) etc. the possibilities are endless, its only limited by your imagination.

How can I integrate Trezry into my business?

You can download the raw QR code for every invoice and use it at will, or share it via SMS,Email or any social media platforms. For online transactions, you can embed a very simple Developer API and you are good to go. For in-app payments, you can integrate it into any android and ios app.

What happens if I am defrauded?

We highly hope you dont, but if you do, we have our dispute mechanism in place, to resolve issues of this nature, normally, you can dispute transactions of unverified businesses within 48hrs of transaction. Verified businesses are more trusted and believed to be legitimate, but in case there is an issue, you can contact us and we will still go through a dispute process. Contact us via the app or via disputes@trezry.com

Which countries accept Trezry?

We are currently starting from Ghana, and we hope to reach West Africa & the rest of Africa soonest. Going global is also on the table but its a long term goal.

Why should you TRUST Trezry?

Trezry is certified & backed by all MNO's we deal with and notably is MTN Ghana, ....., ....., ......

How long before i get my money as a business

As a verified business, you receive payments instantly. But as an unverified business, you have to wait for 48 hours

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